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The Muskcoin Project


Inspired by the Founder of companies such as Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk. Born in Pretoria, South Africa shows what can be done if you put your mind to something and are committed to changing the world.

Our Landmark coin the Musk Coin will be available for sale and trade. A portion of the proceeds of the sale will go towards funding small businesses, the advance of education, and alleviating poverty. We expect the coin to appreciate over time since each holder will become part of the Musk Coin business and be entitled to partake in the airdrops going forward of the other coins, the company will be launching. “With a diverse group of directors, we are committed to making a difference.

“We hope to see you become part of the family and help us make a difference.”

Jacques Olivier
Director Business Development


Juan Olivier
Director & Co-Founder

Juan is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Muskcoin business and is the lead strategist of the project. He has extensive experience in finance, investing, and strategic management.

Eugene Olivier
CFO & Co-Founder

Eugene is responsible for the financial reporting for the Muskcoin business and gives valuable insight into tax-related matters as well as assists with coin distributions. He has experience in Finance and Tax as well as small business development.

Jacques Olivier
Director & Co-Founder

Jacques is responsible for compliance and legal matters as well as providing strategic direction for the project. He has extensive legal as well as commercial experience that provides a good foundation for the work he does in the company.